Piss About

Hello and thanks for visiting the page. My name’s Pearl and I’ve put this website together to document a recent discovery I made. A video tape of a long lost kid’s tv show called ‘Piss About’.

I picked this up at my local car boot sale. The lady who sold it to me didn’t know much about it, she said it belonged to her son who had stored a stack of old videos in their garden shed and this was just in amongst the others. After a lot of searching, both online and in public libraries and finding no information on this whatsoever, I have decided to put this up here. Maybe it will trigger someone’s memory and help me find out more about the makers of this thing.

Below is the video sleeve, front and back.


Ihere the first episode. Episode 33:Time. As the video is 20 years old now the quality is pretty awful. Appologies.

Here is the Halloween episode

And here is an unknown clip that was at the end of the tape, the rest was all fuzzed out.

Since putting this website up I have been anonymously sent a magazine article about the show, from the time it was first aired. I scanned in the pages for you to see here, a little more information on the show but still no solid leads.


Here too are some bits and pieces I have since found relating to ‘Piss About’. A few things turned up on ebay and I was sent the rest, again anonymously in the post.


If you have any information regarding Piss About or the whereabouts of Clockface and Thomas I would love to know. You can drop me a message at here.

Cuddles and Warmth,
Pearl Smidgen.